Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Camping with the sego's

So for the fourth of july my family and iwent camping in colorado!! it was fun. It was the first time that my whole family was there at the same time!! We did alot of things. We went hikking that was fun. Rode 4-wheelers. Did fireworks even though we were not suppose to. The girls had fun playing. The boys were ALWAYS dirty!!! Every night my sisters, mom,and i would go for a walk and the first night cassidy made cort,mom herself and i carry a rock back to our cabin. We walked for about a mile and then our cousin ben drove up and we put the rocks in the back of the truck!!!! He saved us. So the rest of the nights we told cass that she was notaloud to get any more rocks unless she was going to carry them!!! We ate lots of food that was the best part!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The best week and1/2 of my life!

Ok so last thursday (april 1) my fam and i went to arizona. It was way fun! we did alot of things and we ate alot!!!! we came home on sunday!!! on monday i did not have school. so ihung out with my two best friends and had a grand old time!!! Tuesday morning my ffa chapter left to go to state judging in las cruces!!! It was the funiest trip that we have taken yet!! So let me tell you about my week. we get there and me teacher is all guess what all the girls are sharing a room. This means that me and and abby shared a bed.The first night i woke up at like 1:42am and i could not fall back to sleep. it did not help that one of the girls in the bed next to us was snoring so loud. so i was all im going to listed to my ipod to dround out the sound.By this time it was like 2:30 and i was changing the song on my ipod when abby turned over and i was all crap did i wake you up!! she told me no and that she had been awake for the past hour as well. the girl was still snoring so is aid im going to throw a pillow at her if she does not stop soon!! abby laughed and told me that she was stoping and to try to go back to sleep. Not even 5 min after i turn over she starrted again. So i sat up in the bed and threw a pillow at her!! did it stop her NO!!! so for like the next hour abby and i just stared at each other. Then this other girl started yelling in her sleep about how she found her water bottle and we did not have to worry about it!! I finally fell asleep at like 4:30and i wake up mabey 2 hours later to abby asking me if she could barrow my make-up. crazy night right!! Wensday was an adventutre and we slept better, but not great. in the end abby and i ended up staring at each other yet again!! Thursday was the day of my contest. It was Hard and ihad a freaky reaction to some kind of plant. That night we went out to dinner at a fancy resturant i lughed so hard i cried!!! It was Hillarious.I also got the privlage to sit next to a boy that is only in 8th grade and he is so cute!!! I can only imagine what he will look like when he gets big!! That night i went and saw a movie with the cute boy and two other boys and my teacher. And because of my alergic reaction i had to take this medicine that made me so tierd i fight not to fall asleep during thr movie!! We saw how to train your dragon. It was great!! the cutest movie ever!! Friday was the awards ceremony and our last day in cruces!! my team did not do good not to mention i did the worst on my team and i studied the most but its ok because i had fun and i am ready for next year!! the horse and the ag mech team got in the top 5.I was Super excited forthem!! Go Teams. after that we stopped and i got the best ice cream of my life and then we were on our way home!! on the way home we watched a movie ifell asleep and got beat up with myown pillow it was funny!!! All in all it was an eventfull week and probably one of the best weeks of my life!!!! im sad to have to go back to school on monday,But school will be over soon enough!!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Making Babies!!! (chickens of course)

So let me tell you the good news!!! On the 24th of march Kaylee,kayla and i are going to put 12 chicken eggs into the inka-backer!!(inqubater) we are all very excited but i think i am the most excited!! infact we are so excited that we even made a paper chain to count down the days till we put them in to bake!!!!we are going to read to them and let them liten to music so they are smart chickens!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

WOW Its been A while. So i love thanksgiving!!!! i love it because i eat sleep and then eat again again and again. My mom and my sisters are those crazy people who go shoping on black friday at like 4 in the morning!!! Ya its great and dorothy came with me that it was way fun. We went to so many stores. And the we went to hobby lobby the most boring store in the whole world and me and dorothy found ways to keep our selves busy by taking funny pictures. Then there was a dance that night and dorothy and i went but i was so tired i left at like 10. Then on saturday i spent the day with my G-ma my mom two of my aunts and my cousin. It was fun. On sunday i just bummed it all day.(after church of course) I really do not want to go back to school tomarrow, but there is only 3 weeks till christmas!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

rejection when it come to money!

So let me tell you my ffa chapter is planing on going to nationals at the end of october. The only problem is that we have to pay our whole way there. So i tried to get donations so i could buy my plane tickets and just about every buisness i asked said no. So if you need some work done llet me know cuz it looks like im going to have to make money the old fashion way!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Where to start!!

Oh man so this past week my parents went out of town. They left on tuesday. Dorothy came to stay with me. Tuesday night we were at my friends party like you have read in a previous blog. So we stayed up almost all night, and the funny thing was that dorothy and i were going to get up early and come home so that my ag teachers could come and weigh pigs, but we woke up a bit late. So i tried to wake up dorothy but she wouldnt get up i finally just threw a pillow at her and that woke her up. Ha Ha!! So were almost at my house and dorothy was all oh no i left some stuff and megans house. We turned around and went back and got our stuff, and the whole time i was afraid that were not going to make it home on time. Wensday We did not do a lot we just went to wal-mart. Wensday night megan came and stayed with me we did not go to bed till late. lets see thursday was the first day of youth conference, so dorothy and i went and registered, but we left when the dance started cuz all of our friends left. We went to wal-mart again and bought a whole bunch of stuff to totally ransack abbys house. we also bought a bunch of randome stuff we could give her as a gift so she woudnt get mad. We spent like half the night coming up with little phrases to put an each part of the gift. There were some real funny ones. Went to bed late that night to. Friday morning i took dorothy to school to register while i went to an officer traing. That was alot of fun and i learned a whole lot. Let see after that i went back to youth conference for a little while and then dorothy and i left so we could feed and ransack abbys house. I defenetly feel like dorothy and i are the butt of carma and bad luck. so while we were at abbys house it poored and was windy the whole time. Then we were finished with that and went to taco bell to get these way awesome drinks. Then we get to the church to find out that we missed dinner, and we were so hungry. So we ate a sandwich we found in the firdge at the church. Then the dance started.It was the funnest. I met the most awesome guy hist name is mitchelle. He is way smoken hott. Then we leave after the dance and mateja calls me and tells me there is a check point we are in the line and so the cop gets to us and askes for all my stuff, but we could not find our registration and insurance so he made us pull over so it looks like we are in a whole lot of trouble but we wernt.!!! So we sat there for a long time trying to find our stuff then the cop came back and just told us to have our dad clean out his truck. It was lame. Then probably not 2 min later my truck was acting really odd so i pulled over real quick and and my truck just died. The bateries were dead.!!!!!SO two guys from church came to help and then casey came to help get me home. They jumped my truck and dorothy and i were on our way. My truck made it just to my house and died when i was pulling in the driveway!! Then dorothy and i were being real big chickens and were scared to go inside.So we stayed outside for a while and then got tired of standing so we just went inside.I was so amd i almost cried. Saturday was the testimony meeting and that ment the end of youth conference. After that we went home and cleaned my house and then we fell asleep on the couch. We figured out that dorothy slept about 18 hours in 5 days and i slept about 14 hours in 5 days. It was a way fun week and the best part was that i got to spend it with my real best friend!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

party time!!!

hey world i am at the way funniest party in the world right now. its my best friends sweet 16. Its totally fun.All my friends are here and have something to say
hi i am jayneva megans little sister and megans party is really fun cause she has friends that are so nice to me unlike her other stupid friends i like all of them the same cause they are not mean well thats all i have to say so peace!!:]
Hey Go Its Dorothy! Megan's party is so fun she is a crazy girl! HaHa I Love Megan but we are gonna try pulling an all nighter and I am pretty sure that I am gonna drop pretty soon!
YA its me myka again. dorothy is a go to bed early at partys girl!!
Hey Yo its Mikayla! This party is so much fun like Dorothy said pulling an all nighter is gonna be hard but I think that we can do it..hmm well maybe haha well i gots to go peace out!!:]
hey its megan im the birthday girl .... I love all these people... Myka, Mikayla. and dorothy! their my best friends! and im so glad their here for my birthday! i had so much fun!... and still am! This is the bets birthday ever! (: so there are lots of pictures but the top one is of me and my best buddies dorothy and megan in funny hats, the next one is me and meg and dorothy with our kool aid cups,the next pictures are all of us, and the bottom picture is or megan and i!!